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The Mountain from the Noise

gamedevprocedural generationfsharp
An entry for the r/procedural_generation monthly contest for Procedural Mountains. This is basically just the normal Value-Noise-Heightmap as implemented in F# and OpenGL

Benchmarking is Hard

In which we speed up some F# code to compare fairly against Ocaml, Haskell, and Golang

Creating a Procedural Castle in F#

gamedevprocedural generationfsharp
The first of many procedural generation based posts. This was just a bunch of grammar rules for constructing towers, walls, crenelations, buildings, keeps, and trees.

Specular Reflection and Mirrors

Reflections are quite simple in a raytracer

Phong/Lambert shading

A simple Lambert shader gives adds depth to our spheres. Lighting is proportional to the cosine of the angle between the light and the surface normal

Sphere/Ray Intersections

We derive the equation to intersect a sphere and a ray from basic definitions

Raytracer: Getting Started